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Counselor's Page (7th Grade)


My name is Mrs. Hinds and my goal as a school counselor is to empower all students to lead satisfying and productive lives by assisting them in identifying and achieving educational, career, personal, and social goals.

Welcome to Lynwood Middle School and the middle school experience where hormones are high and brain power is growing!

There are developmental changes in your children as well as school environmental changes. Your students undergo the transition from self-contained classroom in elementary to six different classrooms and teachers in middle school. Seventh grade is their first exposure to counselors and hopefully students will use them as a resource during their entire school experience in Lynwood.

Primary Role of the Middle School Counselor

Credentialed counselors support teachers, parents, administrators, and students whenever there are personal, social, cultural, and educational conflicts or concerns. We are advocates for our students, families and the community.  Our goal is to assist students with developing a positive self-image and self-confidence, instructing them on how to use positive decision-making skills, and helping them set realistic short- and long-term post-secondary goals.

Counselors also provide:

  • Academic skills support
  • Education in understanding self and others
  • Coping Strategies
  • Communication, problem solving, decision making and conflict resolution
  • Career awareness, exploration, and planning
  • Substance abuse education
  • Goal-setting and decision making
  • Individual and small group counseling
  • Outside resource and counseling referrals


When and where can students see their Middle School Counselor?

  • Students can fill out a Counselor Request Form found at the Self Help Desk in the Counseling Office.
  • We are available during lunch time on the yard.
  • Teachers may send a student during class time with a pass for urgent concerns.
  • We are available immediately after school dismissal. Pre- scheduled conferences take priority.


How to meet with your child’s counselor

  • Parents may walk-in during 8am -9am without an appointment. If available, I will meet with you immediately.
  • Parents may fill out a Counselor Request form found in the Front Office or at the Self Help Desk in the Counseling Office.
  • Parents may call or email to set up a conference time.


  • Hinds (7th grade) 310-884-3100 X 63112 [email protected]. In the event that I am unavailable to answer the phone, please call the Main Office at (310)884-3100.

I am looking forward to helping you make this a successful year for your student!